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-------------------About School History-------------------

The school started in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral near the Bishop’s House.

In the mid forties Rev. Fr. Angellus, an English Capuchin Priest of Paharganj started imparting basic education to the under privileged children. Mrs. Rosy Romy was a pioneer and the only teacher.

On 20th July 1961, the school was formally handed over to Jesus & Mary Sisters by the then Archbishop of Delhi , Most. Rev. Joseph Alexander Fernandes.

From the year 1961-1965 the school was under the careful hands of Mother Joan Switzer of Religious of Jesus and Mary.

The school was named “KHRIST RAJA”, the Hindi translation of ‘Christ the King’.

From the year 1965-1969 the school was under the guidance of Sr. Florence Pinheiro. She was very disciplined and took the initiative for recognition of the school by the Government.

On 11th April, 1970, Sr. Therese Augusty became the new Headmistress of the School. She took the initiative to get school affiliated with CBSE. The school was recognized and was granted aid in the year 19 73 for classes I to VIII. The school was in the safe hands of Sr. Augusty from 1970-1977.

The School was under the guidance of Sr. Celestine Quadros from 1977-82. The Catholic Children’s Fund (CCF) and the mid day meal was introduced by her.

On 26th July 1980 Sr. Raphael Reis, CJM Principal and our School Manager bought a plot of 2.4 acres from NDMC, just opposite CJM for Khrist Raja School.

On 9th May 1982, His Eminence, Rev. Agostino Cacciavillan, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio laid the foundation stone of Khrist Raja School and the building was completed in 1986.

In 1986 under the supervision of our headmistress Sr. Stanislaus Theodore, the Khrist Raja School building was inaugurated and blessed. It started functioning for girls only and got its affiliation with CBSE.

Respected Sr. Martin Thomas became the Principal of Khrist Raja School after Sr. Stanislaus. She contributed much towards uplifting the poor children. She had a special love for nature and maintained the beautiful garden of the school.

Great people are always known and remembered for their simplicity and modesty. Such were the qualities of Mrs. B Pant who took charge after Sr. Martin Thomas. She gave full co-operation in the progress of the school during her tenure from 2001-2003.

Respected Mrs. P Bakshi, School-in-charge after Mrs. Pant, had a strong determination and good nature. She organized and synchronized everything in the school. During Mrs. P. Bakshi’s tenure Sr. Meena Naidu became the Sr. In-charge of the school. Both together helped in the progress of the school from 2004-2007.

In the year, 2008-2010 Sr. Meena Naidu introduced new Labs.-- like English Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab. To change the school gradually to English medium she began with a K.G class in English. She was very talented, caring and always had a desire to help the poor and needy people in the society.

From July 2010 to March 2011, for a short period of time Mrs. N Kilkarni was made our school- in- charge and Sr. Rebecca and Sr. Stella were teachers in the school. They all worked together and contributed fully towards the success of the school.

From April 2011 our school is under the able guidance of Ms. Meena Katyal who is true believer of God. She is kind hearted, disciplined and has a desire to implement new ideas for the betterment of the students. She is working hard to up lift the poor in the school.

Despite the difficulties, hardships and obstacles which our Foundress St.Claudine met with in the course of her mission she never lost neither courage nor her spirit of faith in God. She experienced the goodness of God and it was her ardent desire that all souls should come to know this loving God that made her say “HOW GOOD GOD IS!”

May Saint Claudine give us the grace to follow this priceless virtue of faith.