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History Of Convent of Jesus & Mary Khrist Raja Sr. Secondary School, New Delhi

The humble beginning of the Hindi medium co-educational Khrist Raja School, began in the church compound in close proximity to the Bishop’s house and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Mrs. Rosy Romy a pioneer teacher tells the simple story. In the mid forties, Rev Fr. Agnellius an English Capuchin, Parish Priest of Paharganj, charged with zeal of bringing the Good News to the children of poor families, imparted what they needed most - a basic Christian education. A hutment or shed was chosen for the first pupils.

In July 1948, Rev Fr. Jerome Murphy OFM Cap. became the Principal and he was then replaced by Rev Fr. Lawrence O.F.M. Cap. In 1961 the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary took over this parish school at the request of His Grace, the Most Rev. Joseph Alexender Fernandes, Archbishop of Delhi. It was then placed under the capable leadership of Mother Joan Switzer R.J.M. under the powerful protection of Khrist Raja(Christ the King) and was known as “Khrist Raja School”, with Mother Joan, its first Principal Sister took a keen interest in everything pertaining to the lives of her little ones in Khrist Raja School.

On 20th July 1961 the school was formally handed over to the Sisters of Jesus and Mary by most Rev. Dr. Angelo Fernandes, Archbishop of Delhi. Mother Joan’s successor was Sr. Florence Pinheiro, a strict disciplinarian.It was she who made preliminary efforts to get the school recognized by the Government and she also obtained the Grant-In-Aid. It was her ambition to raise it to Junior High School. In 1970 Sr. Stanislus Theodore took charge of the school for a few months. The same year on 11th April Sr. Therese Augusty’s connection with the School’s recognition was favorable. The Recognition and Grant-In-Aid was received by the school as a Middle School in 1973.

Sr. Celestine Quadros who became became Principal in mid 1979 planned to get as many children as possible sponsored by Christian Children Fund (C.C.F.)It was successful but phased out in 2006 after 25 years.

On the 26th July 1980 Sr. Raphael Reis, Superior and Principal of the Convent of Jesus and Mary School(CJM), purchased from NDMC A 2.4 acre plot of land opposite to the CJM School, for the purpose of building a High School for the Children of Khrist Raja School. The blessing of the foundation stone of the new building took school place on 9th May 1982 by Most Rev. Agostino Cacciavillan, Apostolic Pro. Nuncio. The present school building was completed in 1986. Sr. Stanislaus Theodore who was Principal since 1985 was present for the Inauguration and Blessing of the School. The Secondary school recognition from the Government, of N.C.T. of Delhi and affiliation with C.B.S.E. in the ordinary stream was done in 1986. The school from 1986 was no longer co-educational as thereafter only girls were admitted.

In 1989, Sr. Martin Thomas took over as Principal. She was noted for her kindness towards the poor. She rendered 18 years of service to Khrist Raja School. Mrs. B. Pant , Mrs. P. Bakshi and Mrs. N. Kulkarni were also officiating Principals after Sr. Martin Thomas. In 2008 Sr. Sr. Meena Naidu was officially appointed Principal. In the present scenario when English is in demand, and our desire is that our poor children do well in life, the Management introduced Mathematics and Science in English. Sr. Rebecca and Sr. Stella were the Sisters-In-charge till 2011. Sr. Janet is the present Manager of Khrist Raja School. Sr. Rose Joseph is the Sister-in-charge and Miss Meena Katiyal is the School-in-charge from 2011. The school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2011 October. KRS School received the Green And Clean Campus Award in 2011 and in 2012 by World Management Congress. The School also secured 100% result in class X since last 3 years. School keeps an excellent clean environment and Govt. provides a mid-day meal for classes 1 to VIII, and CJM provides a mid-day meal for IX and X students.. . Discipline of the school is worth mentioning Khrist Raja School is much indebted to CJM for their constant support and financial help.The school continues to keep alive the charism of St. Claudine.

When we look back and view the 52 years of service, the Religious of Jesus And Mary have rendered to the poor children especially of the vicinity through Khrist Raja School, we can say with grateful hearts like our Mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevent.

“How Good God Is!”