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It is my privilege to welcome you to the Khrist Raja Secondary School family. I take this opportunity to offer my warmest greetings to one and all.

At Khrist Raja, we hope to continue the work of the Mother Foundress, Saint Claudine Thevenet, by educating all students, including those from the marginalized and weaker sections of society. Education is an investment for the future. It is the key to providing employment opportunities, promoting gender equality, mitigating environmental damages, and reducing poverty. It is only by means of educated citizens that a country has the ability to fight societal and environmental evils such as corruption, illiteracy, the spread of diseases and even global warming. Khrist Raja holds its students’ potentials, encouraging their strengths and improving upon weaknesses.

Our students are all incredibly gifted. Through classroom instruction, school-wide assemblies, and co-curricular activities we have created a learning environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. We aim to bring out the unique talents of each of our students, cultivating realized talents and harnessing those buried deep within. Our hope is that under our acre, the young students of today will develop holistically and acquire the skills necessary to face any of life’s challenges.

Each step of the way, we mold ourselves to the guiding principles of our Mother Foundress. We understand that education goes beyond the curriculum. It encompasses facts as well as character development through moral values. We teach compassion and forgiveness. Our students and teachers appreciate that the pool of knowledge is limitless, and we seek to gain knowledge with humanity in order to better understand our world. We teach our students how to think for themselves, to be independent thinkers capable of viewing the world around them critically. We emphasize personal responsibility and accountability in even our youngest students. Our students are taught self-discipline, integrity and charity.

It would be impossible to fulfill our educational aims without the constant support of our Manager Sister Janet, members of Management Committee, administrative staff, parents , faculty.I do not take the trust that each of our beneficiaries has placed in me lightly, but commit myself wholeheartedly to the education of the Khrist Raja girls. The knowledge and values that they learn here will make an indelible mark on our girls and will be carried through with them as they each go on to shaping a better tomorrow for themselves and for society.

To all who read this message, I wish an abundance of the peace and joy of Christ our Lord. Praised forever be Jesus and Mary.

Ms. Meena Katyal