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Album Title: Ganit Week
Event Date: 31st Dec, 2014
Created on: 31st Dec, 2014
Total Photos : 11
Description: Ganit Week.
Album Title: Tree Plantation
Event Date: 31st Dec, 2014
Created on: 31st Dec, 2014
Total Photos : 4
Description: Tree Plantation.
Album Title: Maths and Science Exhibit ...Read More
Event Date: 17th Aug, 2013
Created on: 17th Aug, 2013
Total Photos : 104
Description: Maths and Science Exhibit ...Read More
Album Title: Mass for New Academic Yea ...Read More
Event Date: 3rd May, 2013
Created on: 3rd May, 2013
Total Photos : 76
Description: Mass for New Academic Yea ...Read More
Album Title: Independence Day 2013
Event Date: 14th Aug, 2013
Created on: 14th Aug, 2013
Total Photos : 77
Description: Independence Day 2013
Album Title: Hindi Kavita 2013
Event Date: 24th Aug, 2013
Created on: 24th Aug, 2013
Total Photos : 53
Description: Hindi Kavita 2013
Album Title: Gandhi Jayanti 2013
Event Date: 1st Oct, 2013
Created on: 1st Oct, 2013
Total Photos : 18
Description: Gandhi Jayanti 2013
Album Title: English Debate Competitio ...Read More
Event Date: 19th Oct, 2013
Created on: 19th Oct, 2013
Total Photos : 30
Description: English Debate Competitio ...Read More
Album Title: Bhashan Pratiyogita 2013
Event Date: 30th Aug, 2013
Created on: 30th Aug, 2013
Total Photos : 86
Description: Bhashan Pratiyogita 2013
Album Title: Abhibhavak Adhyapika Sang ...Read More
Event Date: 27th Jul, 2013
Created on: 27th Jul, 2013
Total Photos : 9
Description: Abhibhavak Adhyapika Sang ...Read More
Album Title: Value Education Week
Event Date: 6th Feb, 2014
Created on: 6th Feb, 2014
Total Photos : 29
Description: Value Education Week
Album Title: Republic Day Celebration ...Read More
Event Date: 25th Jan, 2014
Created on: 25th Jan, 2014
Total Photos : 28
Description: Republic Day Celebration ...Read More
Album Title: Annual Day Celebration
Event Date: 21st Dec, 2013
Created on: 21st Dec, 2013
Total Photos : 68
Description: Annual Day Celebration
Album Title: Student Council
Event Date: 21st Apr, 2012
Created on: 23rd Apr, 2012
Total Photos : 48
Description: Students of class 9th hav ...Read More
Album Title: De-Worming Day
Event Date: 27th Feb, 2012
Created on: 13th Apr, 2012
Total Photos : 12
Description: De-Worming Day
Album Title: HOLY MASS FOR NEW ACADEMI ...Read More
Event Date: 13th Apr, 2012
Created on: 13th Apr, 2012
Total Photos : 23
Description: We celebrated holy spirit ...Read More
Album Title: Chritmas Play
Event Date: 23rd Dec, 2011
Created on: 23rd Dec, 2011
Total Photos : 67
Description: Chritmas Play
Album Title: Feast Day
Event Date: 13th Dec, 2011
Created on: 13th Dec, 2011
Total Photos : 76
Description: Feast Day
Album Title: School
Event Date: 10th Dec, 2011
Created on: 10th Dec, 2011
Total Photos : 43
Description: School
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