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Aims And Objectives

Mother Foundress and Her Vision:-

Claudine Thevenet was a woman called by God to form the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus & Mary . Her work was born out of a heart crushed by the pain of personal tragedy. During the French revolution , two of her brothers were shot in her presence. For nineteen-year old Claudine , this was a turning point in her life.

God works in wondrous ways to realize his plans. Led by the spirit of God , Claudine opened her doors to welcome orphans. Later, her response to God’s call took shape in a total commitment of herself. As a result , a religious family was born.

Later on , some of them would make an arduous journey from France to India to undertake the task of educating the girls from 1842.

Claudine’s ideal was to make God known and loved by means of Christian education in all social milieux. This ideal remains the aim of the Congregation whose preference, inherited from the Foundress, is for the young and among these the poor. Khrist Raja school takes special care for the poor and the weak sections of the society.

Aims and Objectives:-

  1. To have Faith in God and to experience feel God’s presence in daily life.
  2. Love for each other and tolerance.
  3. Sympathy for the poor and destitute.
  4. A Pedagogy based on simplicity and family spirit.
  5. Giving attention to each individual, stressing the dignity of each person.
  6. Giving Practical formation and enabling the young , while living with the present , to prepare for the future.
  7. Formation of spiritual and human values.